Jason Salmon

Q: Do I have a website?     ...      ...    A:  Yes

Q: Isn’t that a tad narcissistic?  ...    A: I’m in show business.

Q: Is that a YES or a NO?    ...     ...   A:  Touche

Welcome  to  my  website
Jason Salmon Comedy Sketch 60 Something Seconds Black Eye
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Jason Salmon Standup Comedian at New York Comedy Club
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Thanks for visiting my site.  Here are the facts (not all of them;  that would just be silly):

1. I am a Standup Comedian, Actor and Writer living in New York City. 

2. I am originally from Texas, so the mustache is not, “Hipster Ironic”, it’s how I convince my parents that I’ve become a man. 

3. I love my parents.